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Off-site Manufacture

Built in our factory just outside of London, each of our pods is completed with an exact specification and unwavering attention to detail. When you are ready for them, they are delivered on site and hoisted into position, ready for final connection.


Every pod is pretested prior to leaving the factory to ensure it arrives on site in a perfect order and in two to three hours can be fully operational. Compare this to the usual three-week construction time of a traditional bathroom or kitchen and it's no surprise our that pods can cut your build schedule by up to 12 weeks. Not to mention, significantly reduce site congestion issues.


Bathroom pods:  Our state of the art bathroom pods can reduce your construction time by up to 12 weeks.


Shower pods:  Our state of the art shower pods are installed in a leak free shower/bath.


Kitchen pods:  Our state of the art kitchen pods can be installed fully and be operational in two to three hours. The standard of our fit out is what you would expect from building on site.


Bespoke joinery: We offer a supply only service for purpose made joinery. We manufacture our joinery from our ideas, drawings & dimensions and design it to specific needs.